Katarina Krohg

Katarina Krohg

What I do
Primary occupation: Chief Strategist, Corporate Positioning, Danske Bank.
Secondary occupations: yin yoga teacher at DoYoga & dancer/model for brands and other creative jobs.

My happy place 🏝
When I practice inner peace through sound healing, meditation, yin yoga and by being completely in the moment. This is where I find home to my essence and experience an out-of-this-world bliss. And just one extra thing: Diversity. Also with aesthetics - when you can see that people dare to express their inner selves through their outer selves. It's still something I'm working on finding the courage to do.

My best advice for self love 💖
Practicing: bathing in your own inner values ​​rather than drowning in the performance-oriented expectations of others.

My daily luxury
Hug! It is hereby on a public wish list, because unfortunately it is not something I get on a daily basis. Until then, I alternate between my yoga pillow and quilt to meet my needs :-)

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