Caroline Elisabeth

Caroline Elisabeth

What I do
I am an optometrist student but I will graduate in february! Finally.

My happy place 🏝
I think I have 2 happy places; one is in my husband's arms. The other is at home in my parents' garden, where at one end they have a small lounge where I lie down with my 2 dogs. There I feel an inner joy and an inner peace.

My best advice for self love 💖
My best advice for self-love is to respect yourself and your feelings. You are the only one who knows 100% how you feel about things, people, situations. So listen to what your body is telling you, there is NOTHING wrong with what you feel.

My daily luxury
My daily luxury is to go to bed early every day, without necessarily going to sleep right away. I often lay down and listen to podcasts or e-books and relax my body.

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